Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Students at Utah State University react to voyeurism case over Twitter

By Braden Clark
Sunday night students at Utah State University reacted to a tweet on Twitter about a recent voyeurism arrest on their campus.
“We have to build a wall around the Pike house if we want to end sexual assault. Make USU safe again,” said Ben Fordham, a student at Utah State University, over Twitter.
Fordham's tweet was quickly favorited and retweeted by many students at Utah State, and was responded to quickly.
"But in all seriousness USU should look into this for the general well-being of our women," said Andrew Redfern, a student at Utah State University, over Twitter.
"I'll grab a shovel," said Yusuf Mumin, a student at Utah State University, over Twitter.
A lot of people saw the negative side of his tweet as well, and eventually Fordham deleted the tweet all together.
"Not cool, you can't blame mistakes from individuals on a whole house," said Breanna Bennett, a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
This last weekend a member of Pi Kappa Alpha was arrested with voyeurism charges, and Fordham’s tweet sparked controversy around the Logan campus, and caused many students to share their opinion on the matter.
“The actions of one person does not reflect an organization as a whole,” said Kenzy Nageli, a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. “It’s about getting the wrong people out of the organizations, because Greek life can do some amazing things on this campus.”
During the fall semester the men of Pi Kappa Alpha reported the highest number of service hours on campus with 797 hours. Pi Kappa Alpha had significantly more hours than the runner-up HackUSU who reported 555 hours in the fall semester.
“We’ve been extremely proud the way the men of Pike have donated their time to service, because they’ve done some incredible work in the last few months,” said Ricky Benitez, the Interfraternity Council public relations. “Their food drive last semester and toy drive this semester shows how much of a positive impact they’ve made on this campus and community.”
Just this last week Jonny Whipple, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, was recognized as Greek of the Week. Whipple this spring semester has managed to donate more than 50 hours of service, and set up and orchestrate a toy drive for Primary Children’s Hospital. The drive accumulated nearly $15,000 in money and toy donations for the hospital.
Pi Kappa Alpha was also awarded the “Most Improved Chapter of the Year” award at the Utah State Greek’s Order of Omega banquet on April 13.
“I have always felt that there are good and bad people in the Greek community at this university,” Fordham said. “I want Pike to succeed, and I understand they do some nice charitable things now and then, but they can’t go six months without something like this happen to them.”
Just over a year ago Ryan Wray, ex-USU student and ex-president of Pi Kappa Alpha, was arrested in late March for forcible sexual abuse, a first-degree felony. In October his charges were reduced to attempted forcible sexual abuse, a third-degree felony.
Two months after Wray's original arrest Brian Relopez, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, was arrested and charged in a separate case with aggravated sexual assault and rape, first-degree felonies.
“The Greek community can do great things, but every now and then you get some stupid people in there,” said Max Wilde, a student at Utah State University who was Greek but later left the community. “All of the good they do can be quickly taken away by the actions of few stupid individuals. From the outside the Greeks can seem like a bunch of drunken idiots, but if you take time to actually understand what they’re about they actually do a lot of good for this school and community.”
The men of Pi Kappa Alpha were unable to comment at this time.
Every Monday the leaders of the Greek community meet, and discuss the status of the Greeks at the university. No official statement has been released by them, but a formal judicial hearing will take place in the coming weeks.

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