Monday, February 1, 2016

Students at Utah State University are Down to Lunch

By Braden Clark
At Utah State University, students are downloading a group meetup app called Down to Lunch. Down to Lunch is designed to allow its’ users to meet up for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
“It helps a ton,” said Michael Palmer, a Utah State University student and Down to Lunch user. “Sometimes I don’t have time to wait to go and get lunch, and with Down to Lunch I can send out a notification to all my friends and I usually have three or four people show up.”
The app allows users to notify other friends, who have the app, when they are free to get a meal, chill, go out, study, get coffee or join in on a number of other activities.
However, the app may be growing, but it may be for a very different reason than friends meeting up for lunch.
“We held a discussion in class yesterday about Down to Lunch and the overwhelming consensus among the students was the only reason they are inviting their friends to join is to earn a free T-shirt,” said Preston Parker, social media professor at Utah State University and co-owner of Morty’s CafĂ©. “Now, a couple students said they liked the app and preferred it over just texting friends to meet up.”
The app was designed last May by Stanford computer science grads Joe Lau and Nikil Viswanathan.
“Sure, some students don’t exactly like it, and probably will get rid of it pretty soon. But I’ve seen some real benefits from it,” Palmer said. “I’ve hung out with friends I haven’t seen in years.”

Viswanathan and Lau were unable to comment about the app reaching Logan, Utah. However, they are always looking for feedback, and anyone can reach them at

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